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Free Personality Assessment
All ticket holders will receive a free personality assessment valued at R400.00 courtesy of HCT (Human Capital Talent)
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The Recruitment Business and Career Day is an event that is dedicated entirely to job seekers, Businesses as well as career industries, providing an excellent showcase to promote your job listings, products and services to your target market.
As a Business owner you will have direct access to a Database of skilled levelled individuals that will increase productivity as well as ensure profitable growth. Why pay exorbitant fees on Human Capital when we will be able to give you direct access to potential employees in just two (2) days.
As a Career institution you will have Direct Access to actively searching students that require career advice and knowledge that will ensure the correct career path.

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Job & Career Zone
Are you an unsuccessful Job Seeker?
-  Is your career going to guarantee you a
   successful job opportunity?
-  Are you qualified with no experience in your

Then the Recruitment, Business and Career Day will give you Direct Access to:

-  Job Opportunities
Free personality assessment valued @
Live Seminars ď Unlocking your potential to
   successful livingĒ
Learnerships with Top educational institutes
Business Incubators for Entrepreneurs
The Business Zone
Wondering about the best way to start your own business? For many people, the support and structure of a Business is the key to success.
Turn your ambition into action, at the Recruitment, Business and Career Day
. Youíll be able to speak to South Africa's Top Business Incubators giving you vision, growth profitability and sustainability.
In addition to free seminars, the free Advice provides you with the opportunity to discuss your potential new business opportunities in a one-on-one session with qualified specialists.

Itís the perfect place to begin your
new business search or finalise your decision making process.

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